Boundary Wall

کی سیستم پارس

A brief overview of the products of K_system pars

Precast Flooring System

Precast flooring system
It’s a New system for constrcting Building floors. اn this method optimum use of spaces & Material is obtained by using optimum structural forms. By using this method all 3 parameters effecive in construction productivity including: cost, quality and speed are improved.

Utility Room

Using precast concrete panels for walls and roof
Dimensions and height as needed
Finishing Details could be added or modified upon request

Minimum Economy Housing

Features: Using precast concrete panels for wall & roof Optional Finishing Material such as: wood, primer, gypsume and glass for indoor finishing Spaces Inside walls could be used for piping, shelf, and similar applications

Precast Skeleton

Features: Speed in constrction Using precast concrete walls for resisting both gravity and lateral loads Using Steel profile simple frame beams for floors

Industrial Building

Speed in construction
Flexible architectural Design
No need for masonary work
No need for wall_post and gable frame
Using precast concrete panels for wall, roof and structural frames

Premeter Wall and Facad

Using light weigth concrete
 Waterproof and thermal insulation
Isolating structural frame and premeter wall movement.
Precast concrete wall work as both premeter & facade wall